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  1.                            Tiamaes Technology-The leader of urban public transport smart solutions             

           Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in urban public transport

    intelligent dispatching platform and research and development and design,production and sales of vehicle

    electronic products located inZhengzhou high-tech zone.Corporate stock officially listed on the stock market

    in the country stock transfer system on 2nd,Dec,2014,Stock abbreviation:Tiamaes Technology, Stock code:831392

           Our company is a provider of information system about urban intelligent transportation solutions and 2G/3G

    video/GPS/BDS beidou monitoring solutions in domestic,mainly engaged in the development,production and

    sales of medium andhigh-end system integrated products based on the above solutions,at present has formed

    the business structure with the vehicle network application field products as main products,with the whole urban

    bus intelligent solutions as fist products.At present there are more than 300 bus companies and more than 200 

    cities have used our products and systems.Product market share is in a leading position,especially intelligent bus

    coin machines and public transport intelligent dispatching system,its national market share has been beyond

    more than 50%,the business has developed rapidly in recent years,the market share is growing rapidly.

           From the establishment of the company in Apr.,2004 till now,it has won 25 national patents and 64 software

    copyrights and software product registration certificate.From 2013 to 2014,Tiamaes Technology participated in

    developing fiveurban public transport industry standards of the national Ministry of Transportation.In 2014 Tiamaes

    Technology fully participated and developed the first urban standardization demonstrative project-enterprise cloud

    platform construction ofurban public transport intelligent dispatching system that co-constructed by the ministry

    of communications science research institute and the transportation bureau of Henan province.

          Tiamaes Technology always adhere to operational idea"scientific and technological innovation,serve public

    bus","building intelligence traffic, public transport service" for the enterprise mission,committed to"become a

    leader in intelligenttransportation (ITS) solutions" business vision.

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