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    • January

      Independent research and development of passenger flow simulation analysis and automatic scheduling system complete the test, began to promote to the national bus company.

    • February

      In 2016, ranked No.2 of intelligent public transportation market in China according to the market research.

    • March

      One of the first batch of nine public charging facilities operators of henan province in 2017

    • 2016

    • January

      Independent research and development of charging pile products go into mass production

    • January

      “2015 Henan Outstanding Software Enterprises”.

    • January

      Tiamaes has been involved in the development of 21 intelligent transportation industry standards.

    • 2015

    • The company moved to the new site (#10 Building, No. 316 Lianhua Street High-Tech Zone, Zhengzhou) in the same year.

    • Tiamaes passed CMMI-3 in 2015.

    • 2014

    • December

      Tiamaes successfully listed NEEQ, stock code: 831392.

    • 2013

    • December

      The annual sales revenue exceeded 100 million RMB for the first time, which reached 119 million RMB.

    • October

      Provincial Credit Construction Demonstration Units.

    • August

      And was identified as the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

    • April

      Tiamaes was awarded the “Top 100 Enterprises of Zhengzhou City”

    • 2012

    • November

      Third - level of computer information system integration enterprise.

    • July

      Zhengzhou City Engineering Technology Research Center

    • June

      The company was awarded Zhengzhou City Enterprise Technology Center

    • 2011

    • November

      The new energy remote monitoring and fault diagnosis platform formally launched, which Tiamaes researched and developed independently, access to new energy buses more than 50000.

    • 2010

    • December

      Tiamaes also participated in the development of 5 intelligent transportation industry standards.

    • December

      The company got software enterprise certificate from Henan Province Industrial and Information Technology Department.

    • December

      Tiamaes participated in the development of the bus service and evaluation laboratory project of Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications.

    • 2009

    • September

      In 2009, Tiamaes designed Zhengzhou BRT information system.

    • 2006

    • October

      To provide the intelligent dispatching solution

    • 2004

    • April

      Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2004.

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