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    • TM5805 announcer

      TM5805 announcer

      TM5805 using arm core embedded platform, with GPS-based automatic announce, manual keys announce, speak to passengers which inside and outside of the bus, docking car display.?The device has been carefully built, the shell is solid and rel
    • YFJ-503 Coin Counters&Sorter System

      YFJ-503 Coin Counters&Sorter System

      1. FeaturesYFJ-503/CMX41 coin sorter is the first high speed coin sorting and detecting machine developed in China which can count and sort coins of different
    • TM6155  Bus coin machine

      TM6155 Bus coin machine

      TM6155 is a concise and beautiful cash box which can be bulk to receive and identify coins, and also has the function of changing. It come together with OLED display, sound and light prompt, driver or user self-service set ticket, ticket in
    • TM8731 vehicle all-in-one machine

      TM8731 vehicle all-in-one machine

      TM8731 is a brand new AIO machine which has multi function with HDTV and intelligent scheduling, adopted many high-tech such as decoding technique, image recognition technique, internet transfer and data storage. It realizes different funct
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