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    Product Introduction:

    TM5805 using arm core embedded platform, with GPS-based automatic announce, manual keys announce, speak to passengers which inside and outside of the bus, docking car display. The device has been carefully built, the shell is solid and reliable, enough to resist strong vibration, high and low temperature, electrostatic interference. Particularly suitable for automatic bus announce demand. The performance of device is perfect and stable, 0.5IDIN, small size, low power consumption, easy to install and maintain. 


    Function characteristics :
    l Support GPS high-precision positioning.
    l Announcer supports voice broadcasts not less than 40 lines, while each line supports broadcasts not less than 8 slogans.
    l Support GPS automatic announce and manually announce.
    l The device is equipped with a handheld microphone, to support the driver through the microphone talk to passengers which inside and outside of the bus.
    l Support update the slogans and program through the U disk.
    l Support docking with the screen of the on-board computer, synchronous display lines and arrival information.
    l The device has a real-time clock for maintaining system time.


    Physical interface:
    Handheld microphone interface
    USB interface
    Inside sound output, outside sound output
    Power input interface
    CAN communication interface
    232 debug interface


    Typical application:





    Rated supply voltage


    Should be able to work  stable in DC 9 ~ 32V

    Rated power


    Peak power15W

    Positioning type

    GPS positioning


    Power resistance polarity reversal

    Can not work, but can not cause damage to the device


    Audio system operating frequency



    Audio output

    Two-ways, rated output power is 10W

    One way is inside sound, one way is outside sound

    LCD display dot matrix



    Key number



    SD card

    Support more than 8GB


    Voice file format

    MP3 format


    Operation temperature



    Working relative humidity



    Storage temperature




    Using 1DIN standard size

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