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  1. Product brief introduction
         “Urban public traffic intelligent application demonstration project” is one of the  three key areas demonstration pilot
    projects proposed by“highway and waterway  transportation informatization“the twelfth five-year” development plan”,is
    the important content to carry out the national public  transport priority development strategy and promote bus urban
    creation.Urban public traffic intelligent application demonstration project will build two-level data resource center,three
    big application platforms and five big application systems.Two-level data resource center refers to city-level,
    enterprise-class data resources center system,three application platforms refer to public transport operation supervision
    information platform, auxiliary decision support  platform and travel information service platform,five application systems
    refer  to public transport comprehensive operation monitoring and warning system,public transportation emergency
    response system,public transport industry comprehensive analysis system,public transport industry management system,
    public transport travel information service system and so on.
    Urban public traffic intelligent application demonstration project will promote  urban public transport management
    standardized,operation regulation automation, scientific decision support,scheduling command rationalization,information
    service integration,raise the level of urban public transport service and management,improve the city's public transportation
    attraction,promotes to form safety,convenient,efficient and green modern urban comprehensive  transportation system.
    Functional characteristics
    1.Comprehensive operation monitoring and warning system: vehicle dynamic monitoring,passenger flow dynamic monitoring,
    stations dynamic monitoring,road network monitoring,monitoring and early warning
    2.Emergency response system:emergency
    information reporting function,emergency information acquisition function,emergency information dissemination function,
    emergency response function,emergency disposal function,ex post evaluation function, emergency basic resource
    management functions
    3.Industry comprehensive analysis system:Analysis of basic resources,industrial operations analysis,lines network
    optimization analysis,enterprise service quality evaluation,the industry development level evaluation
    4.Industry management
    system:administrative licensing management,daily business management, orbit protection areas management,basic data
    5.Travel service system:
    Travel service functions:industry dynamic function,real-time traffic function,traffic query function,drive navigation  function,
    travel services fucntion,surrounding query function Mobile client function:integrated transport,bus travel,rail transportation,
    real-time traffic,long-distance passenger transport,taxi,traffic broadcast,traffic information,parking,complaints and
    suggestions,Lost&Found, convenient search,train query,flight information 
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