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  1. Product background  
    With the expansion of the bus company scale,the original  manual record cashier counting data into
    the computer way already can not adapt to the development of the  company,also is unable to meet
    high complex,rapid and  accurate management requirements.In the period that  information technology
    on the basis of computer and  communication technology has entered a rapid development, to improve
    the company's management flexibility,and realize the steady development of the company, how to  make
    use of computer and communications technology  methods to improve company management level,bring
    new opportunities and challenges to the company.
    Bus cashier counting management system make use of  computer to achieve the intergration management
    for the inner-containers of buses,query and sumary the income of each line each bus inner-container,make
    the managers always know about income.Bus using cashier counting system to manage the company's
    cashier counting can bring obvious efficiency of business and management specification.Its advantage is
    mainly manifested in the following  respects:greatly improve the employee's work efficiency,greatly reduces
    the disadvantages of tedious and clutter process that from inner-container storage to counting outbound,
    cashier counting  management based on computer technology can reduce the inventory management,
    warehouse management and the  loopholes of management,can reduce management costs,reduce staff,
    cashier counting system can realize the automatic operation of the management and electronic information,
    improve the management level of cashier center.Therefore,in order to further improve the processing efficiency
    of bus cashier counting business,building  efficient bus cashier counting system becomes very important.
    Product brief introduction 
    The whole bus cashier counting system includes collecting the containers in cashier places,counting cashier
    in clearing center,  coins weighing,big cashier re-checking and coins distribution accounting  at the same time,
    receive  the final cash income statistics by the order implementation of process.The front ground of the system
    use android terminal to realize  the data real-time uploading through collection notes counting data  by
    container  card,and transfer notes big review data by swiping turnover card,android terminal collecting COINS
    weighing data by electronic scale ,also support offline caching data function to achieve uninterrupted  fault t
    olerance design with application level of customers business  24 hours one day.Background software provides
    system management and  user rights configuration,data modification log and various kinds  of statistical analysis,
    report printing function,system data transfer   relations as shown in the figure below. 
    Functional characteristics
    The task of the system overall design is to find out the proposed  requirements by users for the data processing
    function of the system, according to the analysis of the system goal and business process,on  the basis of
    determine the eight modules of the system,they are notes counting management,COINS weighing management
    module, COINS distribution counting management,counting data log management,settlement center personnel 
    information management,information card basic information management,report  management,system management.
    Notes counting management 
    Notes counting data management can realize notes information query,modification  uploaded by android terminal
    counting staff,the same time record the modification  log when modifying.
    Coins weighing management 
    Coins weighing management can realize query,modification of coins information and big notes information uploaded
    by android terminal re-checking staff,the same time record the modification log when modifying.
    COINS distribution accounting management
    COINS distribution accounting can realize COINS distribution amount will  be divided into each container equally
    according to the estimated amounts of container when weighing coins.According to calculation of some relevant
    indicators  and ratios, adjust it when finding unreasonable.
    Counting data log management
    Counting data log management records modify the counting data, by the android terminal and background system,
    record the operating log when weigh the re-checking data. Settlement center personnel information management 
    Staff basic information is the basic information of the access control system,also is the necessary data gives counting
    staff,check personnel workload.Information card basic information management Information card is the media of
    container data information transfer between counting staff and re-check personnel,we can monitor the real-time
    using status of the information  by the basic information management module.
    Report management 
    Printing and exporting all kinds of reports,specially includes:counting staff workload statistics,re-check personnel
    workload statistics,container income summary statistics,lines containers quantity statistics,abnormal containers
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